The Oxford Dictionary defines marketing as “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.” We define marketing as all of those activities in which you engage to attract and retain clients/customers.

Most financial advisors run their practice or business cash on cash. They are focused on making sales to cover their income needs this week, month or quarter. As a result, they tend to focus their marketing initiatives within two degrees of separation – the people they know and the people those people know. Their marketing activities are primarily focused on selling the people in their social circle or network and asking for referrals from those people. They do not make a clear distinction between marketing and selling.

High performing advisors align their marketing, sales and service initiatives. They understand that every action in which you engage with prospective clients and clients represents a means of building the relationship and creates the opportunities to make more sales. High performing advisors build their inventory of prospective buyers to grow their income and make it predictable over the next year, three years and beyond.

High performing advisors develop a strategy to create client capital that will grow their business and their income.

Average producers focus on the tactics or techniques for getting referrals and making sales. High performing advisors develop a strategy to create client capital that will grow their business and their income. High Performers differentiate themselves in what they do Before, During and After the Sales process or buying cycle. They integrate 4 interrelated steps: Planning, Preparing, Executing & Measuring. 


The Action Steps in Planning to build a sustainable income stream & make revenue predictable include:

Get the answer to three questions right:

1. Who is the Right Client?

2. What is the Right Value Proposition?

3. What is the Right Exchange of Value?

Analyze your Social Circle or Network, what is commonly known as your Natural Market to identify people who fit your Ideal Client Profile (Right Client)

Identify your Target Markets, ideally a Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. Describe the actions or activities in which you will engage to build your brand in your Target Markets.

The biggest challenge is getting in front of the right people to offer your Value Proposition.


There are three conversations that occur in every sale:

1. Me to Me – It starts with the belief in the value of what you do and your commitment to making a difference in people’s lives.

2. Me to You – Mastering the conversation you have with potential buyers that leads to a sale. 

3. You to You – Understanding their needs, wants, & values.


Successful businesses are built upon replicable processes:

Most entrepreneurs or advisors rely on two or three marketing or promotional strategies. We recommend that you implement 6-8 robust marketing strategies in parallel.


Aligning Intention, Process and Measurement is critical to achieving peak performance:

1. Establish 3 Activity Priorities

2. Establish 3 Result Priorities

3. Measure Activities & Results. 

This framework enables high performers to align Intention, Process, and Measurement. When your priorities are clear, decision-making is easy. Our experience is that this approach to marketing leads to significant growth in revenue and profitability.