WEDNESDAY, NOV 30, 2022 | 1:00 PM 2:00 PM ET

How do you get a company to move from $100 million to $1 billion plus? How do you create an ecosystem where Canadian Businesses can thrive?

​Join us for a Wisdom Exchange session with Top Canadian Venture Capitalist John Ruffolo, one of Canada’s most influential business minds, as he breaks down what is required for any business to work and what type of environment it needs to thrive.

​John is the Founder and Managing Partner of Maverix Private Equity, a private equity firm focused on technology-enabled growth and disruption investment strategies. He is also the Founder of OMERS Ventures and Co-Founder and Vice Chair of the Council of Canadian Innovators.

​As someone who has a passion for growing a thriving Canadian business ecosystem, he has invested in some of Canada’s most successful businesses, including Shopify, Hootsuite, Xanadu, Jobber, and Wattpad, among others.

​In this session, we address:

  • What is the role of innovation in growing businesses and the economy?
  • ​What makes a company investable?
  • ​What are some of the key traits of successful entrepreneurs?
  • ​Why are some people so good at implementation?


John Ruffolo
Founder & Managing Partner
Maverix Private Equity


Norm Trainor
Founder & CEO
The Covenant Group
Keita Demming
Keita Demming, PhD
Development & Innovation
The Covenant Group