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Choosing the Right CRM to Redefine Performance

Making good use of a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system can enhance and help to redefine the performance of your organization. Putting a good system in place can also lead to stronger client loyalty—and sales. As business owners, we are always looking for ways to increase our company’s productivity and efficiency. Sound use of a CRM solution can help you do just that.At its most basic level, CRM solutions help your company build and maintain relationships with clients. It’s a way to manage your clients’ contact info and track how and when you’re communicating with them. Most providers have […]

Start your Spring By Bringing Back Bullish Thinking

It is finally Springtime! A time when we often engage in “spring cleaning”. In the context of your business, this consists of literally throwing out bad habits you have noticed since January that have negatively impacted your productivity. The task: write them out on small pieces of paper and toss them into the garbage can one at a time. Can you conclude by identifying strategies for overcoming them in the future? These bad habits can be big or small and they can be impacting how you operate in your business or how you engage in your client relationships.Don was […]

Mastering the Art of Persuasion

Persuasion is an art that needs to be mastered by entrepreneurs. As a business owner, the job is mostly to persuade others, whether it is a prospective client, employee or collateral professional. Leaders can find it easier to get their business where they want it to be and achieve the growth they’re aiming for.Make a Personal Connection A human connection is irreplaceable in the business world. Many entrepreneurs notice they get what they want more easily when they request in-person meetings with clients or associates – that’s because this face-to-face time humanizes an entrepreneur and a specific situation. This […]

Improving Results by Setting and Living Priorities

If it is important to you, you will find a way. If it is not, you will find an excuse.The New Year is filled with conversations around resolutions and goals. How will you improve? How will you do more? What goals are you going to achieve? How much healthier are you going to be? No pressure!Now is the time, according to most people, to voice what goals you are looking to accomplish in the year ahead. We want to go a step further. Goals and resolutions can be vague and lofty ideals we strive for, yet we do not […]

Engage Employees in the Planning Process to Drive Results

At this point in the year, we should be slowing down and carving out time to engage in a planning process for the year ahead. This process should involve reflection on the successes, frustrations and failures of this year, as well as focus on the result and activity priorities that need to be in place moving forward to achieve business objectives.We often think of strategy as the purview of leadership or senior management. However, great companies such as Google, Disney and the Four Seasons engage employees at all levels to gather valuable insights from each area of business operations.Part of the […]

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