The Covenant Group considers recruiting to be an active responsibility and is always looking for talented and commited individuals.

We serve entrepreneurs and, therefore, our ideal employee is someone with similar attributes. We work in a fast paced industry and require people who can be self-motivated, goal-oriented, flexible and enthusiastic.

  • Executive Coaches – Individuals who have had senior level experience in managing small to medium sized businesses who want to serve this community by sharing their experience.
  • Consultants – Management consultants who are interested in selling and coaching our proven methodology to their clients.
  • Strategic Partners – There are many facets to building a business and we are seeking partners who can add value to our value stack in helping entrepreneurs redefine their performance.
  • Strategic Partner services fall into one of our four major business categories (Business Management, Marketing Management, Relationship Management, Resource Management).

For more information, you can email us at or call 877.903.3878