Helping serious professionals achieve and sustain peak performance.

Coaching and Support

We educate and coach entrepreneurs, salespeople, and management to help them realize their full potential. We work with our clients to solve the issues they  experience in building their business.  Our clients develop the fundamentals and focus to achieve their objectives. Success and  fulfillment in both their professional and personal lives tend to follow.

Events and Symposiums

For 2015, participants gathered at the Omni Montelucia Scottsdale in sunny Arizona. We all learned from and networked with industry experts, executives, and top producers. Attendees shared successful strategies for building a strong and sustainable business. Last year’s event at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami was a huge success and we look forward to building on that success in Scottsdale.

Self-paced Learning

Visit The Covenant Group’s Learning Library to find out how our self-paced programs can help you make the leap from knowing to doing. Learn the  techniques of top entrepreneurs and the secrets of gaining  higher levels of client commitment.

Call one of our team members now to find out how The Covenant Group can help you reach your business goals.


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What do our clients have to say?

The Covenant Group is a leader in working with entrepreneurs. Our relationship with The Covenant Group has been a win/win situation for our agents and the organization.

Jim Wingrove

Working with The Covenant Group has been an incredibly valuable experience. The workshop was very well organized, set a fantastic tone and delivered messages that spoke to our  goals and the path to achieve them. Their process and systems generate momentum for learning and ensure that our team is accountable as we progress. The Covenant Group has a proven program that will help us grow.  Any company looking to take the next step in its development should be involved in  The Business Builder.

David Sung CFP, CLU, RHU

Richardson GMP engaged The Covenant Group in 2009 to help all their IA teams increase their  productivity. Now, I believe this engagement has been the single most significant driver to us, and others, doubling our/their revenues over the last 4 years.  I have interacted with other coaches previously, and find The Covenant Group to be the most value added by a significant margin. I am glad that Richardson GMP is using The Covenant Group. Our team will continue to use their services.

Thane Stenner

How can coaching help your business grow?

Whether your goal is to make more money, gain more enjoyment in your work  or build a sustainable business, we can help you develop powerful strategies and tactics  to achieve your vision. Coaching that really works combines strategy and execution. We help you develop processes to attract the right clients, make more sales to existing clients  and obtain introductions, recommendations and referrals. You gain mastery over the growth of  your business.

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The Covenant Group Understands Your Business.


As an entrepreneur, you’ve got the correct mindset for successful business growth.  However, you may not have all of the skills and knowledge required to build a business.  We help you refine your Business Model and implement the methods to achieve and sustain  business success. We work with you to implement four systems capabilities: Business Management, Marketing, Sales/Client Service & Resource Management. The result is a burgeoning business.

Financial Advisors

As an investment or insurance advisor or wealth manager, you face specific hurdles i n creating predictable and profitable revenue streams. We have a proven history of  significantly increasing the productivity and profitability of financial advisory practices. We provide you with systems and processes to run your business, build your brand, increase s ales and provide exceptional client service. We have helped advisors like you to achieve  great success.

Professional Services

As an accountant, lawyer, real estate agent or management consultant, the biggest  opportunity is to align your marketing, sales, and service skills. We work with you to implement business  development processes to attract and retain the right clients. We also help you to think and  behave like an entrepreneur, streamlining your business processes to increase your effectiveness.

Custom Programs

We have designed custom training programs for some of the largest and most successful  companies in the world. We can develop a program to meet your exact needs. Our custom  programs may be drawn from one of our proven models or designed as a completely new initiative.  Either way, the program will be designed specifically to address your developmental needs.

The 2016 Pinnacle Conference Moves to W Hotel Chicago

We are excited to announce the 2016 Pinnacle Conference will be moving to the fantastic W Hotel in Chicago! Join us to engage with industry experts, executives, and top producers. We want to help facilitate your growth and share the best strategies for building your business.

We look forward to hosting another inspiring, informative, and impactful event. The program will help you align and drive your marketing, sales, and service initiatives to create a better client experience. The W Hotel will provide an intimate and spectacular setting for learning and will provide a much needed escape from your daily office routine so you can reflect on your business and generate new ideas.

Every journey begins with a single step. Are you ready?

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